It's not just coffee.

For those that don't want coffee we offer a wide range of other hot and cold drinks.

We serve Taylor's Yorkshire Tea as well as decaffeinated tea and a range of herbal and fruit teas.

Apart from canned and bottled drinks we also sell the following;

Hot Chocolate

Made with deliciously rich Routin 1883 Chocolate syrup

Deluxe Hot Chocolate

Made with deliciously rich Routin 1883 syrup in Regular Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mint Chocolate or Raspberry & White Chocolate topped with cream, marshmallows and dusted with cocoa powder

Milk Shake

Available in strawberry, chocolate or banana flavour

Deluxe Milk Shake

Made with ice cream and topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. Available in strawberry, banana, chocolate or vanilla flavour


Coffee or vanilla flavour, made with crushed ice.


Try an ice cold Slushee in strawberry flavour, blue raspberry flavour or a combination of both.